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Jack Kruf

Tundra Biome

  • The tundra is characterized as lands with shrubby vegetation, composed of dwarf shrubs, sedges and grasses, mosses, and lichens, which is adapted to harsh conditions with an extremely cold climate. The biodiversity is low, there is poor nutrients availability and little precipitation with a short season (the Arctic summer) of growth and reproduction. There are alpine and arctic tundras. They all belong to the tundra biome. 
  • A biome can be defined* as a major community on earth with a predominant vegetation and adapted organisms to that particular environment.
  • *Campbell, N.A. 1996. Biology, 4th Edition. The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company, Inc., Menlo Park, California.
    • Limited edition: 45*30 cm frame (10 pieces) and 75*50 cm frame (5 pieces). 
    • Frame 30*20 cm (image 22*11 cm), medium frame 45*30 cm (image 34*17 cm) and large frame 75*50 cm (image 56*28 cm).
    • Print on Hahnemühle German Etching, a 310 gsm traditional mould-made copperplate printing white art paper. It is made from 100% alpha cellulose and is characterised by its extraordinary velvety tactile feel and its fine, clearly defined felt structure. The unique surface texture adds a very special touch to images, showcasing them in all their splendour with impressive three-dimensional effect and depth.
    • Print in original aluminium Barth frame with passe-partout, anti-reflex (70) museum glass and hanging system.
    • Pantone® Azure Blue, Bright White, Marine Blue and Sunlight.
    • Ships within 10 working days after order.