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Jack Kruf

Sliced City

  • Sliced City is an image of the city (red) where governance (blue), life (white), public values (yellow), finance (gray) and rules and regulations (black) are multi-channelled. Fragmented and segmented, but giving an overall impressive and colourful view. An art expression.

  • Slider: image, example print in room (2).

    • Printed on archival fine art paper with pigment inks of the highest museum quality and standards in different sizes and editions, signed and numbered by the artist.
    • From 21*21 cm (€ 75,00) to 150*150 cm (please contact us).
    • For all purchases or inquiries​ on limited edition prints and further information you can email us at info@jackkruf.art.
    • Price inclusive VAT and shipping.