Jelmer Pietersma

Reflection Eye

    • Eyes are for watching. There is one eye by which you can see yourself through your own perspective. And intelligent it is. It sees into the future. Magic, isn’t it? The art work has been made by Ronald A. Westerhuis.
    • Ogen zijn er om mee te zien. Er is één oog waarmee je jezelf kunt zien, vanuit je eigen perspectief. En intelligent is het. Het kan in de toekomst kijken. Magisch, niet? Het kunstwerk is van de hand van  Ronald A. Westerhuis.
    • Metallic ultra HD print.
    • Mounted under 2 mm-thick acrylic glass.
    • Image 45*30 cm or 75*50 cm.
    • Modern aluminum case.
    • Frame: 0.1 cm.
    • Metal hanging system included.
    • The acrylic glass underlines the metallic and glass perspective. This print brings out the luminosity of the colours of this artwork and provides an additional sense of depth to the picture, as experienced when taking the photo.
    • Print ships within 10 working days after order.