Jack Kruf

008. Oxygen

    • Within the Periodic Table Oxygen is a chemical element with symbol 'O' and atomic number 8. By mass, oxygen is the third-most abundant element in the universe. The name derives from the Greek roots ὀξύς oxys, "acid", literally "sharp", referring to the sour taste of acids, and γενής genes, "producer", because at the time of naming, it was mistakenly thought that all acids required oxygen in their composition.
    • Displayed are symbol, name, atomic number (above left) and atomic weight.
    • Overall size 30x30 cm, image 18,5*18,5 cm. Hahnemühle German Etching. Passe-partout card natural white. Frame 3 cm, aluminium, black. MIROGARD® non-reflective museum glass. Integrated hanging system. 
    • This product shows the element in a classic style with typeface Times New Roman. The symbol has the Pantone® colour Greenery, referring to the non-metal group to which the element belongs.
    • Ships within 10 working days after order.