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Jack Kruf

Green Deal Maker

    • Equoi® has been designed, inspired by the pawn, the lowest ranked piece on the chess board. It has sensors all-over to detect moods and spheres in its direct environment and takes on the fitting and corresponding colour. In that it acts like an indicator.
    • 'Green Deal Maker' represents the state of mind to go for and work along the lines of the Green Deal by the European Union. With 'head, heart and hand' focused on the protection and restoration of essential ecosystems as Coral Reef (Living Coral*) and Forest (Forest Biome*), this by the craftsmanship of public governance (Imperial Blue*) and good legislation (Potter's Clay*) and with the complex shift towards sustainable energy (Solar Power*). The basis of course is the political will by the majority of the elected councils (Royal Purple*). *Pantone® 
    • Slider: Image in card-layout, image limited edition, examples interior (3, frames not included), card.
    • Printed on archival fine art paper with pigment inks of the highest museum quality and standards in different sizes and editions, signed and numbered by the artist.
    • For all purchases or inquiries​ on limited edition prints and further information you can email us at info@jackkruf.art.
    • From € 25,00 (A5 format) inclusive VAT and shipping costs.