Jack Kruf

Government-Media Dance

    • Government in Pantone®Imperial Blue and the Media in Pantone® Sand are in a constant dance, symbolised by a 1/16th note in Pantone®Poppy, to inform the citizen on news, facts and figures.
    • The dance is performed on the canvas of the system world (i.e. the world of governance, rules and regulations) in Pantone®Jet Black) and the living world (i.e. the world of life, people and society) in Pantone®Snow White.
    • Available as print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Bright White fine art paper, 310 gsm. Overall size 21*21 cm with 1.5 cm white edge on all sizes.
    • Optional high quality aluminium frame with overall size 30*30 cm, 16 mm deep, with solid riveted connections in the corners, black and integrated 3-point hanging system with highest quality SCHOTT MIROGARD ® anti-reflective, completely transparent, ultra lightweight museum glass. Passe-partout card in natural white.
    • This fine art print will ship within 10 days after order.
    • Shipping costs - worldwide - included.