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Jack Kruf

Find your Way

  • The citizen (Pantone® Terra Cotta) in the city on the canvas of the living world (Pantone® Snow White). Rules and regulations of the system world (Pantone® Jet Black) can highly interfere and interrupt daily life of the citizen leading to the feeling of being ruled. But there is always the possibility to find your way with hope, persistence and with a little help from your friends.

  • Slider: image, framed print, offered print at desk, example of large scale print, card.
    • Print on Hahnemühle natural line Agave fine art paper, 290 gsm, 70% agave sisal fibre, 30% cotton, rough, yet delicately defined surface texture, ISO 9706 compliant and with museum quality for high age resistance. Print has small white edge. 
    • This paper is produced within the Corporate Social Responsibility of the manufacturer. The cellulose is supplied by raw materials that require minimal maintenance and do not need any pesticides. The plant require much less water, helping to save valuable resources and protect the environment.
    • Edition of 10, signed and numbered by the artist.
    • Frame is high quality black aluminium Barth frame with passe-partout, anti-reflex (70%) museum glass and hanging system.
    • If you require larger scale prints with or without frames or wish to purchase several prints for commercial use, please contact us via email at info@jackkruf.art.
    • Presented formats ship within 12 working days after order.
    • Tax and shipping costs included.