Jack Kruf

Citizen in the City

    • The citizen in the city, on the canvas of living and system world. Well connected to life and easy moving via the stepping stones of the system world of rules and regulations. At the same time the design is an expression of the singularity of the citizen in the bigger context of society.
    • Slider: image original, image in frame (example, not included).
    • Overall image size 20*20 cm with extra 0.5 cm white edge or 40*40 cm with extra 1 cm white edge.
    • Photo print on Hahnemühle Fine Art German Edging. This is a matte, highly tactile, texture. 310 g/m². 100% alpha cellulose is characterised by its extraordinary velvety tactile feel and its fine, clearly defined felt structure. The unique surface texture adds a very special touch to images, showcasing them in all their splendour with impressive three-dimensional effect and depth.
    • Pantone® Jet Black is the colour of the mineraloid jet, being derived from decayingwood under extreme pressure. So the colour is rooted in the living world and is now symbolising the system world. 
    • Pantone® Snow White symbolises the virginity, dynamics, creativity, self expression, consciousness in the living world. What is stronger than seeing one's own footprints in the purity of the driven snow. Proof of life in it's simplest form.
    • Pantone® Terra Cotta symbolises humans, in association with one of their first products, “baked earth”, from the LatinTerra Cotta, used for various utilitarian uses including vessels, flower pots et cetera.
    • The prints are supplied to you, so you can have the image mounted and framed to your taste or use.
    • Ships within 10 working days after order.
    • Price including 21% V.A.T. and delivery costs.