Jack Kruf

16. Enthusiasm, 豫 (yù)

  • In the I Ching, the 2500 year old Chinese Book of Changes, hexagram 16 stands for Enthusiasm, 豫 (yù). Its inner trigram is Earth, 地 (kūn) and its outer trigram is Thunder, 雷 (zhèn). 
    • Image 15*15 cm with 1 cm edge.
    • Hahnemühle William Turner.
    • Frame: 2 cm, solid oak, black.
    • Passe-partout: 3 cm, card natural white.
    • Overall: 27*27 cm.
    • MIROGARD® non-reflective museum glass.
    • Integrated hanging system.
    • Pantone® Spectra Yellow and Red Clay
    • Ships within 10 working days after order.