We are Michelle L. Kruf and Jack P. Kruf. We create fine art prints for home and office as an expression of our impressions, thoughts, reflections, designs, images and moods.
We are inspired by our father and grandfather Ad Kruf in his drive to catch the world in pictures as a way of understanding how it is structured. Letting 'natural light' and 'depth perspective' tell the story was his thing. Sometimes these elements meet in one single shot. The dark grey and rain predicting sky, the flash of sunlight coming in over the beige beach and the soft mossy green of the classic lantern. Quite a palette.

Ad Kruf (2008), Scheveningen Beach. The Hague.

Partnership Q-Dock

In th partnership of Q Dock we share and combine our knowledge and our different backgrounds: interior design, photography, ecology, city governance and social psychology. The idea of Q Dock has been founded on the 23st of May 2018 in Tilburg by Michelle Kruf and Jack Kruf. Our inspiration is to share knowledge on the edge of public and personal lifestyle.

Research and match

We intend to contribute to a better connection between challenges, problems and issues on one hand and adequate solutions by innovation, art, craft and design on the other hand. Matching trends and developments in our public lifestyle with new elan and findings, offering a dock where questions meet answers, demands meet offerings, imperfections meet skills, searches meer findings, explorations meet discoveries, ideas meet investments, creativity meets solutions, issues meet designs, buyers meet sellers, feelings meet moods.

Contribute to a better world

Trends and developments in our public domain such as climate change, air pollution, water issues, city developments today are increasingly challenging to meet the demands related to out health, safety and well-being. The earth is under pressure. We all know that. And with that is our quality of life. We know that too, by heart and soul. We think we are in need for cutting edge designs to not only create awareness of the existing values but more so to underline them with our impressions and designs. It is our humble contribution to create a better world.